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And the ice did come...

Though not as much as predicted the earth round here is glazed with a thin shiny slippery skim of ice. I went out early wearing  thick socks and no shoes and managed to fill the bird feeders without falling on my butt.

Erin cooked lunch consisting of chicken schwarma, lemon rice and roasted veggies, awesomely delicious.

Anah had never seen "Castaway" so we watched that. I still shed a tear when he loses Wilson. She liked the movie but said it was depressing.

I'm ready to turn the heel on that darned sock that has given me fits of late.

Did 6 minutes on bike with no significant pain. Tomorrow will tell the tale on whether or not I get back on.

I rather like being iced in. No where I need or want to go. I am well supplied with food, books and yarn and content to sit and wait till it melts.


Rip it, rip it

Only 4 more rows till  back to where I'm supposed to be on the sock I'm knitting. At least I hope I'm back to the right place. This is the last of the projects I had laid aside and then picked up again many months later, didn't leave notes on where I was. It soewhat difficult to pick up and start again and mistakes were made,but maybe the shawl and the socks will hold together for a while.

Accepting that I screwed up by not being more specific in my notes and not whaling on myself for that.

Grateful for being almost finished with the socks and ready to move on to the sweater.

More than grateful that Erin's biopsy was clean.

Hopeful for a day alone today so that I can get caught up around here.

Erin's house now has siding on the back and this week is sheet rock time. She's terrupibly anxious to get out of here and into her own space totally understandable, but I'm gonna miss em when they've moved even though it's only to the next hilltop.

Watched "The Magnificent Seven" and "Sully" over the weekend. Thought I was going to hate the remake of 7, but after a while I settled into it and was content, if nothing else, to gaze at Denzel being the best good/bad guy as only he can. Tom Hanks, always a fave of mine, did a fine job of portraying the heroic pilot who landed that plane in the Hudson River.

And now it's Monday again. Erin starts full time at the surgery center so leaves early. Anah' s supposed to fix her lunch for school. We shall see how that goes.

Temps predicted to rise to the 50's, a welcome break from the negative numbers and snow.