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Last week was totally taken up with watching grandchildren play sports, one plays baseball, another tennis, and getting Anah ready for her first Homecoming dance plus building a float for the parade.  Though I hovered on the periphery of these activities, I did make a tiger tail for the float and cooked several nights so those doing the actual work wouldn't have to,

In spite of the hotness of the day I went to the parade and watched it go by as I have in all the many years past, and as always got a kick out of the small town kitsch, marching bands, homecoming candidates, and children scrambling for candy tossed into the street. Anah's freshman class float won 2nd place, losing to the seniors. Not bad for their first try.

Anah looked lovely and her "date" was a good match. He's an athlete, good student and well brought up young man. She avows they are just friends, but I detect that certain look in her eye when she talks about him. I'm definitely not ready for her to  fall in love or think that she has, but it's coming.

Walked in the park yesterday. Seem to be mostly recovered from screwing up my back. Went to a new chiropractor yesterday who got my wonky neck back in place. All my creative energy has been going into wire wrapping a couple of bottles for gifts and the journals I bought lie gathering dust.

At long last we were blessed with rain. The dust that was covering everything is gone and all the plants are smiling. Life on a gravel road becomes unpleasant during droughts. Much better now.