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Birthday Post - Age 73, but who's counting?

The last few days have been a whirlwind with birthday celebrations seeming to spring up out of nowhere.  Today. I'm returning to my "norm." 

The good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, and barring unforeseen accidents, in 11 more days I will have lived longer than my mother. That somehow feels like a milestone, morbid? weird? Maybe it's a goal even though I often vow I don't set them.

I got some really awesome gifts. A painting by an online friend (one I actually met in RL). This incredibly talented woman is dying of ALS and will never paint again. She's already seriously incapacitated up. but damned plucky in facing the whole fucking mess. I was so excited to get this. All the kids went together which was also cool. I cried. The title of the picture is "Your Brain on Trees."

Tracy gave me a pair of felted houseshoes. My old pair can be retired for special occasions. I am a huge fan of felted houseshoes, warm conform to you feet and these were made in Kyrgyzstan, which is at least not China.

We had a great lunch at Emmitt's Cafe in a tiny town about 20 miles away. Delicious food. We laughed endlessly and loudly. I drank a Blue Moon Ale, first alcohol I've had in years. I might do that again lol. For those moments everyone was smiling. In my position as matriarch I like it that way.

Yesterday, Erin came down and created an awesome dinner: lamb chops, Greek salad, Potatoes Romanov, Hot Bread, Asparagu. Joe baked an oatmeal cake with caramel frosting (my fave). More fun, more food.

Last night I paid the price for eating rich foods. I will not describe the unpleasant events of my night, but will say I am fine now and making soup.

I am loving the cardboard/haunted house more every time I work on it. Still far from finished, I keep thinking of details I can add and the painting is a slow as the shingles. I did set an intention to at least tidy up the area around it today.

Tried to read "The Library Book," but haven't been able to engage with it yet, so switched back to some Kate Atkinson with "When Will There Be Good News?"

Birthday time for me tends toward nostalgia. I've had some cleansing tears, some joyous dancing and some great memory sessions. Currently listening to Gordon Lightfoot which might better describe my mood. Stuck in the 70's. That would be me. LOLr


Reading Tarot

Having a reunion with the cards of late.

Looks like a fun day ahead if the King of Swords can cut through the mist and uncertainty of the Moon. A good day to have fun via the energy of the deuce of Pentacles.

A perfect day to do more shingling on my cardboard house project.

It is sunny out though chilly but more inviting than Wednesday when we had a couple of inches of snow.

I finally finished the 700+ page mystery. Seemed like it took forever. Switching to a Kate Atkinson novel. "One Good Turn."  I see it is unlikely that I will make my goal of 52 books on goodreads. Meh- I am not good with goals

Enjoyed this sign on a recent drive looking at autumn leaves.

If it being the weekend makes a difference to you, I hope yours is great.