Vinyl Endures, Tied 107 Yr Old Early Snow Record + Daily Draw

Amazingly enough even after stuffing ourselves full of Sunday dinner, there was enough energy left to bring in all the vinyl from the storage shed. I held my breath while Anah put on the first record, and, wow, it actually played, no skips, a bit of static (but that's part of the experience). The speakers on the new toy seem decent enough or it could just be that my hearing loss makes the quality of sound unimportant.

Incidentally Bob Marley was not the first album played. Anah chose Working Man's Dead which is still one of my faves. While the Dead was always best as a live act, some of their studio work is memorable.

The kids were excited by the sheer number and variety of the albums we had saved and it was cool to watch their reactions. While you could see scratches on some of the platters; all I have tried, so far, have played well. We created a space for the player in the living room where it can remain at least till it is time to put up the Christmas tree. We got enough joy out of the thing to make it worth the $$ spent.

Also, we have snow that arrived yesterday. Started out with that lovely stuff denoted "Wintry Mix. Icy pellets tinkled among the leaves on the deckand alerted me to the weater. We ended up with a couple of inches and tied the record for earliest snow in this area. Most of it is gone by now, but the deck is still covered.

Daily Draw: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

I love Sedna's message: You are enough. You have enough to be supplied with your needs. This is an abundant Universe and your needs will always be provided for. Also a very beautiful card. Sedna is an Inuit goddess with strong connections to the Sea.

Tea and Tarot

Cold and gloomy weather prevailed today, but inside was warm and cozy. Youngest daughter came to visit, drink some tea, read some cards, talk and laugh. I totally enjoy her visits.

My doc finally called and flipped my script. I'm now on a newer medication with less side effects and no diuretics. BP at a great 118/77, meds must be working. Extremely relieved to be on a better road with this long-time health issue.

After Erin went home, I fell asleep in my chair and slept till exactly 4:20. Now the evening lies ahead with some more reading methinks. Current book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It won the Pulitzer in 2015. I am finding it a worthy read and rather hard to put down.

I opted out of watching the last debate. At this point will simply glad when the coming election is complete.

Knitting a rather clever baby hat for the new ggd. Has pointy little ears that stick straight up. Also has some PITA seaming going on using a new to me technique. Also, note to self: Do not choose "heirloom" patterns. The instructions are minimal and they seem to assume that I know what I'm doing far too much of the time.

Tommorrow I'm doing another old school meal: roast, potatoes, and carrots in the oven. If I get up and am feeling froggy, I'll make an upside down apple pie.

Daily Draw - "Good Tarot" - First card was a "jumper" fell out of the deck while I was shuffling and second card is the "shadow card" - that card that is on the bottom of the deck.
As is usual with these cards, I am posting the words of author, Collette Baron-Reid because her interpretations are totally non-traditional. I can't imagine I will ever learn to read The Good Tarot without looking at the book.

6 of Water (Cups)

Nostalgia, sweet memories, old flames, yearning for the security of the good old days. If I am being triggered by the past , I can enjoy the warm memories but must recognize they are ephemeral. Emotion can color my recall and distort my understanding of what is happening today. I acknowledge and heal old wounds. I can experience security today, enveloped in the arms of diving love. There is no need to return to the illusion of a golden era of yore because I can begin co-creating a better reality right now. Authentic healing and joyfulness will be mine if I stop rekindling the emotions of the past

10 of Fire (Wands)

Burning away, releasing the excess, endings clear way for beginnings. I may be overcommitted and have taken on too many burdens. In this moment, I do the work of decluttering my life. All that I release will take new form and serve the greater whole, but I no longer need to hold on to it simply because it once seemed to have value for me. I thank it for what it did for me, but say good-bye to the emotions, relationships and situations that I realize do not belong in my life anymore

Seems to me both cards are bringing the same message. Be in the moment, don't look back and get stuck there - longing for things of the past. Release all unnecessary bullshit so that one can move forward.

Just got to say that while I find the author's writing style, a little too New Agey for my taste, the message in these cards is pretty bang on.

Just Plain Worn Out + Daily Draw

Been quite warm here today, back up in the 80's...argh. But, looking at the 40's for tomorrow. The weather is as weird as everything else.

Had an hour long zoom meeting. That's too long to sit still in one place.

Blood pressure dropped back to a nice 120/70 which is great because the doctor has never had time to call me back. Maybe tomorrow said the receptionist.

Hard not to worry. Every time I think I've conquered that habit, it pops up again.

Nephew hospitalized with pneumonia, can't get any news on him. But saw that he posted on FB so figure he can't be too bad.

Record player set up. No records yet. Probably get the kids to help get them in here this weekend. The radio works well. It's pretty cute. Temporarily set up on the front porch, can't figure out a permanent location.

Daily Draw: Mind, Body, Spirit - Modern Witch deck

8 of Wands, 5 of Cups, Knight of Cups

This one is quite accurate and seems to focus on the hypertension episode..

You are moving forward and away from that which was an issue, don't look back.
Stop worrying about what has happened, any loss is imagined, wake up and look around, there is plenty to be grateful for.
Stop focusing on the things in your head, let go of emotional entanglement with the current situation and pay attention to what you already have.

Get Out the Vinyl + Daily Draw

Today the record player I ordered is scheduled to arrive. I hesitate to call it a stereo as it pales in comparison to the massive stereo equipment we had in the 70's. But, it has bluetooth capabilities, built in speakers, a CD player, and a radio. Next step is to access the many vinyl albums I have stored. Going to need help for that. Hopeful that a few of them will still play. Currently trying to figure out a good place to set it up.

A trip to the ER for me last night. All day my blood pressure had been high 200/113 at times and not matter how much meditation or EFT I applied, it didn't come down. Consulted with youngest daughter (one of the nurses) and she wanted me to go to the ER so I did. EKG - pefect...bloodwork- perfect. I was totally asymptomatic and in the end am certain it was stress induced. Will do a follow up with my doctor next week after monitoring my readings for a bit. Really the most fun I've had at a hospital every maybe. We were the only ones there, everyone was quite jolly and efficient. The doctor was adorable, 30ish; the phelobotomist was a hoot; and the nurse just arrived in Missouri from Louisiana.

Daily Draw: From "Moonology" Oracle deck

Mutable Moon..

The mutable moon is all about changes, and shows that whatever you are working on still has some wiggle room, time for change or needed alterations.

Staying adaptable is the key success when this card shows. It can also be a reminder to refocus and definitely to stick with it, no giving up. Keep on dreaming because there is still time.

Old School Sunday Dinner + Daily Draw

Yesterday brought back the good old days when my mother cooked the same meal we so heartily consumed: Fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy, biscuits, green beans, fried green tomatoes and a salad. Mom always insisted on having a salad. We snarfed it down with great gusto ignoring the grease and salt. After all it's the cruchiness that makes it so good.

Today it is cold and gloomy outside. Not much going on except a bit of laundry. Otherwise I'm just entertaining myself with whatever appeals at any given moment.

Daily Draw:

The Fool - a favorite of mine, the Fool says go ahead take a few risks, step out and explore what lies ahead. This is a new day and new opportunties await. Every journey starts with one step.


Saturday Sucked + Daily Draw

I started sneezing yesterday evening and continued with that throughtout the night. At some point my left eye started running as if I was heartbroken and this along with copious production of snot has gone on all day. Certainly, it's allergies. The wind has been fierce here and blowing up all kinds of stuff and I was outside quite a bit yesterday. And, it is only the left side (certainly something to be grateful for). Thus, today I have spent whining, moaning, and bitching, consuming Rooibos tea, elderberry juice and pills, probably not enough water and sleeping.

I'm certain to be better by tomorrow. After my nap, I started seeing improvement. Today I am grateful for the soups I had in the freezer. They came in very handy.

Daily Draw: The Hierophant

The author of "The Good Tarot," Colette Baron-Reid, describes this card in a manner very different from the traditional one. I offer her interpretation: "When this card appears, it reminds me to be comitted to a spiritual practice to ensure a conscious contact to my higher power. When I have a daily practice of prayer and meditation steeped in gratitude and committed to being a co-creator, life works out in wondrous ways. Rituals are in my highest good at this time. Exchanging vows is also highlighted.

I like this way of looking at the Heirophant and do think there is Truth in what is said.

Great Grandchild #3 Arrives

Yesterday afternoon, our family was blessed by the safe arrival of Brooklyn Kay, weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. and being 20 inches in length, she is healthy and the new parents are happy.

I, of course, think she's pretty darned cute. On the other hand; babies look a lot alike - like babies, generally squishy at first and oh so soft to touch.

This is great grandchild #3. I did not say, "Go forth and multiply." But, they did.

Definitely Tired + New Moon Reading

A busy day again now finds me weary but reasonably replete with accomplishments for another lovely fall day. Temps dropped to 34F last night so much of the garden is dead. We harvested sweet potatoes. First time for using bags for them and it turned out well, yielding long slender tubers, almost red in color.

Picked all the green tomatoes, and four not quite turned bell peppers on their way to being yellow. Tomatoes are sorted and I'm trying to decide if I want to make something from the smaller ones. Chow chow?

The basil perished, yet the parsley lives on. I failed to cut the chard so lost some of it. So it goes. Another fall, another time of "putting the garden to bed" and getting ready for winter.

Tonight we have a new moon in Libra. I am by no means an astrologer, but know enough to like to set intentions during the New Moon time, so I'll be doing that plus I did a New Moon Tarot Spread:

The positions in the spread are:

1) YOU - Where you are - 2 of Swords
2) A Message YOU need to hear - Princess of Cups
3) Action - What YOU need to do, how to approach this - 8 of Staves (Wands)
4) Guidance -Your North Star - 2 of Circles (Pentacles)

My Take:

While currently your are blocked and unable or unwilling to move forward, the hindrances lie solely in your mind.
By taking the love, kindness and healing offered by the Princess of Cups, you will be able to move forward quickly and passionately as indicated by the 8 of Staves. You have the ability to reach your goal of Balance and Stability says the 2 of Circles. Great! Things are looking up. October has been cruel, I expect November to be much kinder, especially since it's my birth month.

At Least the Fridge is Clean + Daily Draw

Pretty much the only thing that happened around here today is that I cleaned the fridge and organize the freezer. That was enough for me. Cut my time down on the bike a little today because my hip hurts.

Been a good day for reading, eating, and playing with my cards.

Oh, and I got a new dustmop today. Mine broke.

Today's draw is from the Halloween Tarot, copyright 1995 by Karin Lee with artist Kipling West. It's a little too cute for my taste, but it does fit the season, shuffles well and once I got used to changes in the suits, not a bad read. I used a Body, Mind, Spirit spread today and am please to say that things are looking in that direction. The Nine of Ghosts (Cups) in the Body Position is generously positive. Often known as the "wish" card, it says that if I can wish it, it can be mine. Though, I don't think that extends to restoring my body to that of a 20 year old.

My mind is a good place shown by the 10 of Ghosts, a card that traditiontally speaks of happy families, love generously given and received. Lots of happiness all around.

In the position for Spirit is the King of Imps (Wands), a strong passionate man, ready to lead a new creative venture. He's honest, he's friendly; even though a bit on the impulsive side.


Trees of Fall + Daily Draw

Finally got some pictures of a couple of beautiful trees dressed up for autumn.

Today discovered that mice had invaded the kitchen cabinets; so am spending time doing damage control and setting more traps. Dang those pesky little suckers any way.

Not much to say today, still dry, but very windy here. Currently reading another Harry Hole mystery, "The Devil's Star" by Jo Nesbo. The series gets better the more I read.

Today's Draw: 7 of Wands from the Golden Tarot which if I remember correctly egg_shell is fond of.

Take the high ground and then stand tall and defend your position. Your courage in turbulent times will be rewarded. Don't give up.

Time to go forage for food.