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LJ 20th anniversary

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My First Post

Yet another journal
yet another blank page to be filled with words. I've not had words in some time... will I find them again, those verbs that tingle and shout, a frivolous noun or two to string together like shiny glass beads accented by a quaint adjective.. or three or four or more.. adjectives..

No adverbs you say, not today methinks
, not today.

"One Heart, One Love", "Let's get together and feel all right".. Robert Nesta Marley......


Soon come ... back now to Babylon... and not even by bus LOL
01 JUL 2005 15:32


Humpty Dumpty

A couple of days ago when it was still nice and warm outside, I decided to cut down some wild honeysuckle sprouts from the embankment in front of the house. Armed with clippers I set forth and whacked down a number of the smaller ones and turned to return to the house. OOPS...not sure how or why but I ended up face down in the gravel road. BIG OUCH!

Laid there for a moment and decided I was capable of getting up and stumbled back into the house to survey the damage. Day 1 the worst thing was my face. Ewww...

Next day the shoulder that took the impact kicked in and hurt some.

Today I am much better unless I try to do something requiring the use of my right arm. Then, I see I'm not quite healed yet. But very grateful nothing was broken, a lot of road rash, a thorn in my finger, and some poison ivy: cracked but not shattered.

I really do need to find some gardening shoes that are more flexible. I am blaming my tumble on my old orange garden clogs that make me even more clumsy than I usually am.

At least it has gotten chilly outside and I'm not sitting in here feeling bad because I want to be out there working.

I do want to note that I am now cutting asparagus, ate the first shoots for breakfast this morning.

Mrs. Dalloway

A House Divided

In 2008 the husband retired. For me this meant that he would spending more time at home than ever before. It has, in fact, turned out to be almost all of the time.

Just having him what had long been "my space" during the daytime was a shock. One day he came into mykitchen and tried to tell me how to bake something. Whoa. Sparks flew. For 40 years I had reigned the supreme queen of that kitchen and how dare he? ... Things have calmed down since then and we manage to inhabit the same house by having boundaries. I never go into his sleeping quarters if it it can be avoided. He doesn't like anyone to be in there and locks it after he leaves. Not my way, but he grew up with a number of younger siblings who ransacked his "stuff" so his hands off my stuff ways probably started there.

He also has a bathroom with a shower. Until last year I had used the shower now and then, but in 2018 boycotted said shower because the husband refused to allow a remodel. Even using my money, it was a no go. I am grateful that the housekeeper keeps it reasonably clean.

He rarely, if ever goes into my bedroom, either of them. I have two because you have to go through what is really the guest bedroom to get to my bathroom so I keep some clothes in there.

He has an office which I will sometimes visit to ride the stationary bike or get something out of the closet. I don't like to hang out in there because he listens to talk radio constantly and I find that most objectionable in so many ways.

I have a craft room, but it is located quite close to his office so the talk radio leaches into my air space. I have found that if I put on music he will put on his headphones. If I really need to work in there, I do that.

We share the rest of the house, uneasily at times, but he has recently taken to joining me in the evenings to watch television.

I am grateful that our house is fairly larg, we are both my nature introverts, and there are 10 acres out there to roam. Having never lived alone (the girls were my companions) I have no idea if I would enjoy living that way. I do think about it.

And, I wonder what it would be like to have a partner with whom I wanted to hold hands.


Garden Progress

Yesterday the husband and the boys built a new raised bed, taller than the old one and much easier to use. I planted 5 rows of spinach and one of Romaine and another of a red lettuce. We got a bit of rain so that should help the seeds to sprout. I may have to thin everything as some was old seed and I planted it thickly. You never know if it will all sprout or none at all.

The kale in the other raised bed is up as well as the mustard greens, garlic and onions looking good. The lettuce planted in February is sprouting now.

I've been outside a lot, trying to rid the herb garden of weeds, a futile process, but giving it my best.

On rainy days have read several books, but none of great note. Can't seem to find anything that really keeps me interested. Made another sun catcher of a different kind, though not quite finished. Have started wire wrapping the bottles for a second one.

Looks like we are having BBQ'd chicken today and the kids will be coming down to eat.

My brother is recovering well from his surgery which is a relief.

Been a sad month with the death of two friends and my older children's step great grandmother, a lovely woman, 96 and still going strong till she was felled by a stroke.

Enjoying all the daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. The grass will have to be mowed soon and the flowering trees are ready to pop. Hooray for spring! Time to run the vacuum so I can get back outside.

"Polish what's in front of you..."

While waiting for the sun to warm things up for some carrot planting, I wandered around the house and took pictures of rainbows and patterns in light. I am elated by their simple beauty.

click for rainbowsCollapse )

Spring Arrives

And with spring comes rain, crocus, hyacinths and daffodils. Waiting for some sunshine so that the blossoms will open.

Good days, bad days, in between days, they pass, some slow, some quick... just time moving on.

Anah is getting ready for prom. A trial run on the hairdo took 2 1/2 hours, but turned out beautifully.

Anah got a job working at the concession in the athletic complex and in a couple of weeks will have her driver's license.

Planted a bit of garden, some greens, onions and potatoes. Rabbits devoured the winter spinach.. bah!

Good report from the eye doctor.

All nice days spent outside, not much time for computer stuff lately.

Happy weekend..


Since the Weather Has Changed...

Springlike temperatures and a few dry days have drawn me outside and away from all things electronic. I haven't felt this good since last spring. Love this time of year, seeing the Earth wake up again.

Mostly I've been raking. Since we had a drought last summer, there is a lot of debris out there. I've been doing one day outside and the next inside. Since I didn't do much exercising last winter have to build up stamina.

Made a couple more sun catchers. Erin's is blue and she has taken it home. Tracy took the rainbow one and somewhere around here is hanging a red one. Need components if I'm going to make more. Have been avoiding working on the bathroom mosaic. Though I'd like to get it done, the last little bit played havoc with body. The raking has been a tonic for me. I actually liked the way it felt to move my body.

In honor of this new feeling in the old bod, the husband and I went shopping for walking shoes. There is a single shoe store in the nearby town, but they have Skeechers, Merrills, Bjorn.. some reasonably comfortable shoes. And, actually I prefer less choices. I haven't used the walking shoes yet. Uninviting outside today and fits of precip, and yesterday was raking. Maybe tomorrow?

I also bought a "cute" pair of shoes. Having long been a fan of red shoes I found these on sale for 1/2 price. Already worn them. I can be a real fool for some shoes.

Went to see Anah inducted in the National Honor Society. The kid is always getting awards these days. The first in a long line of really smart introverted females to have some confidence. I appreciate that about her.

I finished a pendant that had been lying on my jewelry board for 2 years.

Have a necklace to repair for my ex son-in-law. He's a good man. Repaired a purse for daughter no. 2. I tell ya, these people are going to be lost without me when I die...none of them can sew. At least they all cook.

On Sunday just past, grandchildren prepared most of Sunday dinner. Grilled wings and brats, marinated potato salad, baked beans (the husband made those) and Anah whipped up a beautiful fruit pizza for dessert. And, they cleaned up the mess! I totally love it! They come to my house and cook me a meal and then clean, these must truly be the "golden years."

Continue to exchange daily emails about that for which I am grateful. Amazing results from that really. Noticeable positive shifts in relationships for sure. Happy to be doing this again, it raises my vibration and it often needs that.

Booking tickets to see Ziggy Marley in Denver. This is going to break the curse of "crap vacations." Concert being held in the Denver Botanical Gardens. Denver being only a mile high, we should be good with the altitude and we have a credit from last year's aborted trip for airfare. I'm excited already.

The alarm for my eye drops just went off so I'll take that as an omen to stop writing and put them in.

I hope Spring is blowing your way.



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