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Since the Weather Has Changed...

Springlike temperatures and a few dry days have drawn me outside and away from all things electronic. I haven't felt this good since last spring. Love this time of year, seeing the Earth wake up again.

Mostly I've been raking. Since we had a drought last summer, there is a lot of debris out there. I've been doing one day outside and the next inside. Since I didn't do much exercising last winter have to build up stamina.

Made a couple more sun catchers. Erin's is blue and she has taken it home. Tracy took the rainbow one and somewhere around here is hanging a red one. Need components if I'm going to make more. Have been avoiding working on the bathroom mosaic. Though I'd like to get it done, the last little bit played havoc with body. The raking has been a tonic for me. I actually liked the way it felt to move my body.

In honor of this new feeling in the old bod, the husband and I went shopping for walking shoes. There is a single shoe store in the nearby town, but they have Skeechers, Merrills, Bjorn.. some reasonably comfortable shoes. And, actually I prefer less choices. I haven't used the walking shoes yet. Uninviting outside today and fits of precip, and yesterday was raking. Maybe tomorrow?

I also bought a "cute" pair of shoes. Having long been a fan of red shoes I found these on sale for 1/2 price. Already worn them. I can be a real fool for some shoes.

Went to see Anah inducted in the National Honor Society. The kid is always getting awards these days. The first in a long line of really smart introverted females to have some confidence. I appreciate that about her.

I finished a pendant that had been lying on my jewelry board for 2 years.

Have a necklace to repair for my ex son-in-law. He's a good man. Repaired a purse for daughter no. 2. I tell ya, these people are going to be lost without me when I die...none of them can sew. At least they all cook.

On Sunday just past, grandchildren prepared most of Sunday dinner. Grilled wings and brats, marinated potato salad, baked beans (the husband made those) and Anah whipped up a beautiful fruit pizza for dessert. And, they cleaned up the mess! I totally love it! They come to my house and cook me a meal and then clean, these must truly be the "golden years."

Continue to exchange daily emails about that for which I am grateful. Amazing results from that really. Noticeable positive shifts in relationships for sure. Happy to be doing this again, it raises my vibration and it often needs that.

Booking tickets to see Ziggy Marley in Denver. This is going to break the curse of "crap vacations." Concert being held in the Denver Botanical Gardens. Denver being only a mile high, we should be good with the altitude and we have a credit from last year's aborted trip for airfare. I'm excited already.

The alarm for my eye drops just went off so I'll take that as an omen to stop writing and put them in.

I hope Spring is blowing your way.

Hints of Spring

The sun came up with a blaze this morning and promises to stay around all day. Yesterday temperatures were much milder. I put on my rubber shoes and began to slog around the yard looking for harbingers of spring. Daffodils are just peeking their leaves above the ground near the deck steps, but no hyacinths to be seen. I got as far as the raised bed where the spinach while not as prolific as last year is still green. And then, oops, here came the rain again so maybe today other discoveries await.

Also, at long last I finished the lacework socks and they are quite lovely, but more importantly they are done. Now time to move on to finishing up some handwarmers for the South African charity.

Tossing around ideas for maybe going to Kaya Fest where all the Marley Brothers, plus some of the grandchildren will be on stage in Miami. I haven't been to Florida in years so would be interesting to see the changes I suppose. Hard to decide as the last couple of trips have been rather a disappointment. The husband keeps reminding me that after I come home I vow never to try again, but I do hate to totally give up traveling. We have found a nice Air BnB in which to stay. I am not a beach person, but don't mind strolling in the sand. Funny, how now that money is not the obstacle it was, I am not as excited as I once was to go places. And, I have a very difficult time making decisions as well.

My Christmas cactus has been in continual bloom since before the holidays and just keeps putting on buds. Last year it didn't bloom much so this year it has outdone itself.

Anah was honored for being in the 5% of her class academically. Quite proud of her for that accomplishment, 2nd year in a row. And both she and her boyfriend have interviews for jobs running the concession stand at the local athletic complex, good summer occupation. Hope they get the jobs. Also her boyfriend was recently accepted into a welding program which will qualify him to be a union welder. The course is 5 months long and he will have to away for that time. Will young love stay the course? Kind of hope so, they have a very good relationship.

Little of interest going on here, just waiting for better weather in order to get outside. Almost finished with my Danish mystery novel and have several suncatchers designed, waiting on wire to arrive. Was ill with a UTI for a couple of days, but it cleared up quickly enough, just took me out for a little while.

The husband visited his brother yesterday and came home with a sack filled with pictures of himself when he was quite young. We enjoyed looking at them. I found this one to be particularly cute.

Today kids are coming over for lunch/early dinner and we plan to do some grilling for the first time in months. Easy meal, but one of my favorites, steaks and shrimp. Everything feeling all ahead of itself with the time change so I guess I'd better get busy since I feel like I'm an hour late. I did hear that Missouri currently has a bill in legislature to drop DST, I wouldn't mind that at all.

Have a great Sunday Y'all!

Book Cover Meme Day 7

That went fast. Have enjoyed this meme.

Weather plus New Stuff Happens

New Stuff...Made a sun catcher and have another in the works.

Was contacted by a old friend via email, quite nice. I have missed her.

New beads delivered yesterday, excited to sort them. I love cheap glass bead mixes for outdoor projects. Just as when I used to go to auctions, I loved the $1 mystery boxes. What a adventure to paw through a box and find that one object that you like.

Stomach improved this morning. Woo HOO... thank you Universe. Hope kabuldur can say the same.

Still putting off the Nexium taper. I think I'm scared...

But, letting go of Fear is my big thing at the moment so here's a prime opportunity to release some. Right? Easy to say, more difficult to achieve.
Before I have a chance to reread and erase all of this, I'm going to go take my morning meds and sort beads.

And celebrate that they moved the winter storm to the south of us and now we're down to a predicted 1-3 inches of the white stuff. First they said 5-7...I don't know a single person who is not seriously weary of this shitty weather. Would not consider relocating farther north. I cannot get warm. And, we've run out of pellets for the stove. No sun=no solar gain in the living area, no pellets for the stove = cold kitchen and temps dropping into the single digits supposedly coming up. And there you have it folks, the weather report of NW Missouri and surrounding areas. We were spoiled by the previous 3 years which were mild, dry winters. It used to be more like what we are experiencing now most cold seasons. The difference being I used to think it was fun to play in the snow.

Found some interesting beads in the bag and laid out another sun catcher.

Been winding up watching "Designated Survivor" though I have not idea why as it is really kind of unengaging. Must make for good background noise while I knit.

About 1/3 of the way through the first of a pair of hand warmers destined for HIV positive children in South Africa. I needed a charity project and have worked with this organization. Have lots of partial balls of yarn to use up.

Started another book, "The Absent One" by a Danish author I recently discovered, Jussi Adler-Olsen. Another crime series but at least not set in Britain and featuring some very interesting characters.

At 2 I said I'd fry some burgers. Made guacamole and ate so much I no longer want a burger, but will fix some for the husband. Am now feeling redeemed from the failed spinach pie of yesterday (a recipe so easy a child could make it btw). I forgot to put in the cottage cheese. The dog is really enjoying cleaning up my mistake.

And *newsflash* husband did some research and found that our pellet stove will also burn corn and corn is very available and much cheaper. He has accessed some corn and we are much warmer now. You just never know when a miracle is going show up. :-P

*edited for excess use of profanity...Mercury retrograde coming up?

Not a Fiction Writer

Though I do often wish I loved writing fiction, I have never really gotten deeply into it. Give me a heavy research paper and I can get excited, but I'd rather read someone else's fiction.

I do have brief glimpses of cool plot ideas, but they drift out my head before I can do anything with them.

Posting the book covers has me thinking of writing, writers, books, stories, and I've quite enjoyed the process. I know there is a group out there for posting covers, but I am not savvy enough to find it. I might join and do some more covers as I think of more books I've loved.

Got my hair trimmed. I can't believe I paid as much money as I did for the tiny bit of attention and work my hair needed. HO hum... I may go back to just letting it go. Getting so thin, I think wigs might be great, but probably itchy. Waiting for it to grow out long enough to put up suitably; and hope that happens before intense gardening. I do loathe my hair in my eyes when I am working. But, my hair guy did tell me that I have "good hair" which was a boost. A lover once told me I was vain and I now see that he was probably right as I am not dealing easily with wrinkles, think hair and the other physical changes of aging.

Also went to the chiropractor who said I was in good shape, just tight. Need to stretch more I guess. I appreciate the "good shape" comment. I prefer that to the alternative. And encouragement is great. I appreciate the years of yoga I've practiced.

Anah is coming down to use my craft paints for a school project so that should be interesting.

I didn't cook. Made this fabulous white chili last night and some of my awesome cornbread. Tasted really good, but my body went into reject mode. the day before I had made lentil soup, perhaps too many legumes in a short period of time. Thus, today I wasn't particular hungry so didn't make anything new. Both bean dishes are available if anyone shows up hungry. I had considered baked mac and cheese as we haven't had it probably a year, but after all the running around town am just wanting to sit on my butt and finish the Ann Cleeves book.



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