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Dear Fred

Good bye Frederick Carrington and may you have a great time on the next astral plane of existence.  I will miss your wit and your intelligence, and there will never be another YOU in this lifetime for me.

Our off list friendship was only about six months old, but I feel like I had known you forever.  We shared so many basic tenets of life that it was easy to talk about many things.  You were so real, and so kind and thoughtful.  Not many folks are these days.

Without you the list won't be same.  Right now I feel like quitting, but maybe that will pass.  It was you who asked me to post on Tarot cards forever :)

I am not a traditionalist, and I accept death as just a part of living.  I will miss your emails and your posts, and I will smoke a fatty just for you.

With Great Love and Admiration for such a wonderful soul... I wish you god speed as you move toward the light





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