rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

The Swimming Pool Affair

For many years I have wanted a swimming pool, nothing fancy, just one of those 15 footers to float around in and play with grandchildren, get a bit of tan and stay cool.  So at the first of June I bought one of those with the inflatable ring around the top, and it has been a joy to us all. 

Until yesterday that is.  All last week we noticed that the ring at the top had a slow leak and diligently we blew it up every day and it seemed ok.  Yesterday we decided to add some water and after that was finished went back in the house.  We came outside to get in the car to pick up our granddaughter at daycare and whoa... the ring had gone down and at least half the water had rushed out of the pool onto the brick patio below... oh mi.. deck chairs everywhere, beach balls and rafts down in the pasture.. amazing the power of 2800 gallons of rushing water out.

Rather than take a chance on that happening again, feeling bad about the loss of all that water and certainly not being happy with the mess, I fought with some pretty awful feelings for a while.  But, I am so proud of myself that in the end, we took down the pool and went in search of another one.

I didn't cry, I didn't have a meltdown, and this time I bought a pool with a frame, no more blow up rings for me!!

And why did I write about this because I am grateful for the challenge that this incident presented to me and the way I responded to that challenge.

I am grateful that I have a credit card that would allow me to buy a new pool, and that my husband worked with me to set it up in the 90 degree plus weather, grateful that he didn't complain about how much the water is going to cost to fill up the new one and grateful for the progress I have made in my life that I can simply accept this as "shit happens" and move on.  NO, I won't be getting that new computer desk, but my grandchildren will still have a place to play and that's far more important to me. 

I'm grateful for Ibuprofen and a life that allows me to rest today cause I can hardly move!! 

I appreciate believing in abundance in the world and not feeling guilty at going out to buy a new pool and fill it with water.

And I'm just really happy with myself and the way I feel about the whole affair, how different it would have been last year and how much progress I am making each and every day!!


Tags: gratitude, swimming

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