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What is Your Footprint Upon the Earth - ???

 In response to and inspired by a post on EAST (Etsie EarthPath Artisans) forum I wrote about my footprint on the Earth.  I found it to be a good exercise that allowed me to focus strongly on how lightly I tread on the mother:

Things I do to leave a smaller footprint..

I have been recycling hmmm.. like a long long time.. used to load up recycled stuff from friends and family and take 36 miles to a nearby city.
Have lived on the land for over 30 years and used no poison even when those dreadful little ants used swarm every year.

Am very blessed to have a pump that brings water to the yard from the pond... useful to keep garden alive some years :)

Keep vehicle use to a bare minimum.

Have a garden, don't can much anymore but sure used to do a lot of that. Freeze as much as possible for use in the winter.

Well that was fun... I feel really good about myself now :) and think I will use this theme as a blog post..
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