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 IN my mail box this morning:

Chet Day presents
EarthRain Meditations
Musings on Letting Go for Peace of Mind
March 1, 2008

Dear Rose:

For today's meditation, I want to share a good letter
that came in recently from a subscriber, Judith M, who

   I remember a Christian doctrine of detachment
   as I contemplate on the Dhammapada quote.
   Indeed it is very trying to empty oneself
   from everything we love and hate, from every
   thought that amuses us or even those that
   make us sad. When I keep to myself something,
   a friend, an idea, a problem, I experience a
   certain sadness that goes with it. While I
   also feel the joy whenever there is one, the
   pain is more lasting. When my dearest of
   friends went to America I was really sad. I
   thought, "She can stay in the Philippines for
   the rest of our career time." But when I
   started to let go, things became easier and

   When I take a breath I take in oxygen, and
   life is sustained in me. But before I do
   death takes precedence. I just realized that
   at this very moment as death occupies that
   space my mind is not preoccupied with
   anything, not even pain.

   But how I neglect that precious moment of
   freeness, of emptiness, of lightness. I
   didn't realize I am free from pain of
   disappointment, of rejection, of lies...

   There is only one truth, Usama Purrusa,
   Allah, God, or no matter how we conceive Him
   to be. Every culture in the world has its own
   perspective of God, of the Truth. When we
   empty ourselves of all our biases,
   prejudices, and preconceived notions of the
   world, we feel no pain. We are one with the

This week, work with Judith's insights and empty yourself
during your quiet, focused breathing sessions.

You too will see that we are indeed one with the truth.

Until next time,


Chet Day
Editor, EarthRain Meditations
Tags: breath, detachment, meditation, peace of mind
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