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Right NOW 

All of your questions are answered, right now.  All of your seeking is met with fulfillment, right now. All of the restlessness reaches a calm, right now.  All of the hurt is over, all of the pain is ended, all of the heartache is stopped, right now.
You enter a world of harmony.  You enter a world of peace.  You enter a world in which all is love and love is all.  You enter a world in which connection is all, for you are all that is and all that is, is you.
You are the beginning and the end.  You are the source and the final destination.  You are the flow and the beingness.  You are the deep pool into which all pours; you are the pouring, you are the flow itself.  You are the outcome and the beginning both.
All of this is so, right now. 

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