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It's Been a Good Year

 Look at how far you've come in the last year. And think of how far you can go. Look at all the abundance with which you've been blessed. And think of what you can accomplish with it.
Consider all that you have learned. And think of what you can do with your knowledge and experience. Look at all the people you've come to know. And think of the richness and possibilities that they have added to your life. Reflect on the ones you love, and think of the strength they give you.

No matter what has happened, it's been a good year. You've lived and loved and learned and experienced. Though the lessons have often been sad, you've lived through pain, and you've found new joys. Your spirit has soared and your mind has met challenges.

Many things are different than they were last year. Yet you've survived the changes, and made the best of them. You've found strength and purpose in the living. You're alive and living and ready to move forward, full of boundless possibilities.

Look at how far you've already come. And think of how far you can go.

*snagged from Big MacRub*
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