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Value in Frustration

*snagged from Big McRub*

Every time you feel frustration, you have an opportunity. You have the opportunity to create positive value out of a negative situation.
Frustration is an unmistakable signal that things could be better. And though you may be completely unable to change the outside circumstances, at the very least you can change yourself for the better.

Instead of becoming mired in your frustration, let yourself become inspired by it. Know that your frustration is pointing you to some positive, valuable action you can take.

That action may end up bringing great value to thousands or even millions of people. Or it may simply be a positive change in your own perspective, which is also of much value.

Frustration is indeed unpleasant, and that's how it gets your attention. Yet once frustration has your attention, you can quickly move away from it.

As soon as you feel frustration, look to find the positive value that is surely there. And a whole new world of possibilities will open up to you.
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