rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Ice - School Closed - Erin is sick

 Not a particularly welcome combination with the icy roads closing the schools, and daughter being home sick with sore throat and fever, as well as granddaughter who wants to climb all over Mom and Mom feels bad... and well those of you with children know how it goes.  I am cooking lots of nice warm soups and am elated that I have finished the laundry for the moment.

Counted 8 pair of cardinals at the feeder outside the window, lots of nuthatches, and finches of many varieties.  Wishing I hadgathered pine cones before the ice to use in creating more bird feeding opportunities.  Cat is sitting in the window eyeing the birds with lust and excitement.  

Time to wrap up and go feed my avian friends :)

Today I am grateful for beautiful birds and my fat cat.
I love the tree and am glad it is all done and not one cat has climbed it yet LOL
I am grateful that we were able to get out and take Erin to the doctor and she now has anitbiotics.
I appreciate my room where I can escape for thes few sacred moments in time.

All the best :)
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