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It's a Beautiful Morning

Tis a beautiful morning as the sunlight filters down through the tree outside my window my spirit is uplifted and I am eager to begin today.

Plans are to go to a nearby city and procure some items not available way out here in the country. I'll be looking for tarot decks, crystals, incense, and a garden gazing ball as mine is broken. Quite hopeful that the weather stays in the 80's here as it has been so hot of late. Too hot to have much fun.

My mind is focusing on the annual celebration that we have on the 4of July. We are planning the usual bonfire, lots of food, music and good times. Our celebration has nothing at all to do with patriotism, but is rather designed after the Rainbow Family of Living Light's annual gatherings. Since I am no longer able to attend, I recreate them here on the homestead.

We will pray for peace, ohm together, and place our energies towards healing the planet.

Enough for now, need more coffee....

Turn on your love light today and everyday .......

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