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I Was Just Nudged by the Universe Again :) via silkrose 233

I've been grumbling around all day, not liking the chilly weather, feeling old and crotchety and dreading tomorrow's annual turkey day gathering at the Farm.  Truth be known it does make me tired to bake all those pies and make the noodles, etc... And, the screaming of the wee ones be in glee or irritation is hard my ears.  And I was focusing on these thoughts until I read a post by silkrose233 .. can't seem to make the LJ user function work... but I digress

I was so uplifted by the enthusiasm that this young woman was experienceing because thanksgiving dinner was going to be at her house that I was shifted into appreciation right away :)

I appreciate my family and their unconditional love.
I appreciated being able to have them all here together on a single day.
I appreciate the love we share.

Thank you silkrose233!! Ty you LJ for making  the LJ function work this time - LOL
Tags: gratitude, grumbling, thanksgiving

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