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I'm Doing E-Bay

I've started listing my stuff on ebay and came here today to write about the different emotions that have come up regarding this little enterprise.  

Y'all know that I am working with manifesting and appreciation and really trying to accept and think in terms of abundance.

For years I gave away my stuff, to family to friends, to anyone who said, Hey, that's cool... but  I kept some stuff as we all will, and want to declutter, thus I thought, ebay..

And, I am having a modicum of success even.   

BUT... at times I still think I shouldn't be involved in commerce.. like maybe it's EVIL or something..  but I'm  that not letting that stop me from being a money magnet.

I have fun with the descriptions and some of this stuff I haven't even touched in years... all things that do not sell on ebay I will be giving away...  

For free will send you (anyone who reads  this)  these three vintage bibical pamphlets... dated mid 1940's... the artwork is nice and some of them have messages inside... 

And back to being a money magnet I GO >>>>>>>>

Tags: bible, ebay, emotion
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