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This Storm Will Pass


This Storm will Pass


Do you remember a storm that seemed it would never end, a night of darkness so deep and impenetrable that you wondered how you could possibly survive to see another day?  Do you remember times when you felt alone and bereft, no one to turn to, and your faith seemed out of reach?


And yet, the storm passed.  It ended.  And yet, the dawn came up over the mountains and the darkness gave way to a sky of shimmering pink, then blue, and faith was restored as the roses lifted their lovely heads to the sun.


The sun always shines, even when it appears dark.  The storm always ends, even when it appears endless.  And the rains from the sky are blessings to the ground below.  The very storm that frightened you sustains love in the great stretch and reach of time.


Everything moves and changes, yet this remains true:  love is.  And this moment is made of love, love held within a deep unending pool of peace.  It is at the center and it holds.


So in the bitterest storm, go to your center for warmth and love and peace.  Feel there, deep within, the comfort of your heart.  And from there, call to a ring of angels to surround you and bless you with their song.


You are deeply loved, ever and always.  Call and they will come.  And then just let the time and the storm pass and the sun will surely shine anew as the day dawns in the bright sunshine of love.

from:  Carrie Hart


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