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Quote from Lola Jones

"Emotion, which is a form of energy, is supposed to move and flow through us. When emotion or energy can't flow through us, our experience of the Divine is pinched off. Every malady can be traced back to energy that was not allowed to move freely.

"Too many spiritual people try to avoid negative emotions, transcend them, or deny them. They want to leap straight to love and peace when they feel a negative emotion. I call it the "spiritual bypass". Interestingly their spiritual development in stunted until they dive into the very human realm of emotions. Enlightenment requires fully embracing the whole human experience, not rising above it or escaping it.

"When we try to push negative feelings away, they last longer, because by focusing on what we want, we give them more life and they grow. When we try to hold onto positive feelings or experiences, we're operating as if there is a scarcity of them. When we realize that there is an endless supply, there is no need to try to freeze them and keep them. Stop trying to hold on to positive emotions or experiences, or trying to push away negative emotions or experiences, since doing either is trying to stop something that is innately designed to move.

"It's your birthday party and you open a fabulous gift, you savor it, you pass it around and enjoy it as long as you can, but the next gift you open will be different. It won't be the same as that one, but hopefully you can enjoy the next one, too, then move on to the next gift, and the next. Experiences are like that. They come and go, and there will be more. Source provides an endless supply of delights and experiences, and when we're open and relaxed, each one gets sweeter than the last, eternally."

"Don't hold onto the gift. Hold on to the Giver."

Lola Jones

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