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I'm Back

I left home last Sunday for a trip to St. Louis with two of my daughters and two granddaughters... ages 3 & 4..

We didn't have far to drive - St Louis is about 150 miles from my house.  Poor Lainey, the 3 yr old, got sick and didn't have any fun at all.  She was a trooper and got see the butterfly house, but after that wilted considerably and was puking by the middle of the night.  So her wonderful  Daddy came and picked her and Mom up and took them home.  Lainey is quite fine now - just a quicky virus - and kids bounce back so quickly.

That left Erin, Anah and I to finish up the scheduled events.  We visited an amazing place called "The City Museum"  unique in my experience and ingenious.  Quite trying on the old "bod" but Anah ran amuck and had a grand time.

On the next day we visited "The Magic House".  I had'nt been there for over 20 yrs when we last took Erin there as a child.  It's a great place for younger kids and was full of them!!

By this time we were all worn out and headed home.

Erin and I spent yesterday cleaning house and though I am still a bit sore from trying to keep up with the young uns am feeling much better than I did yesterday.

Today I am grateful for some solitude, some time on the computer, time to read a book.. time

I am grateful for the tomatoes from the garden and for the energy I have to make some spaghetti sauce from scratch, all ingredients grown right here on the farm!!

I am grateful for A/C cause it is really f*king hot outside!!

I am grateful for the abundance of money that comes my way so that I can take a trip now and then (the kind where you really DO leave the farm *wink)

I am grateful for the hugs that Anah gives me every day!!

Life is good!!

"The better it gets, the better it gets!!"

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