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What to do?

I got totally excited last night about actually sitting down and beginning work on my own Tarot deck.  Over the years of my life I have saved a couple of large boxes of rock and roll memorabilia... things like my program from the 1975 Rolling Stones, "Tour of the Americas"... an insert from my Concert for Bangladesh album (album no longer present )  ... concert tickets, magazine articles... etc..

Last night this idea seemed really good to me, but now I am unsure if I can actually snip those old memories apart... but on the other hand maybe that's exactly what would benefit me the most...

As per usual, my brain tends to see all options.... nonetheless I am off to retrieve a box of stuff from the closet... and am suddenly reminded that I also have an old scrapbook from the 50's... might be some great images in there as well..

Tags: bangladesh, creativitiy, inspiration, tarot
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