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Gratitude - My Favorite Tool

Wow I haven't felt this bad since I was detoxing from those damn SSRI's... all due to my daughter's announcement that she is thinking of moving out soon.  I certainly understand her need for independence, but have terrible issues with the fact that we gave her part of our acreage on which to build a house, and she is going to move to town to rent one.  I know that I am going to miss my granddaughter, Anah, terribly and am just downright depressed at this moment.

Thus, I am going to use gratitude, my greatest tool,  to move on and feel better..

I am grateful for the morning sun and the cowbird that comes pecking at my window.
I am grateful for this beautiful place that I call home.
I am grateful for cool temperatures so that I can work outside.
I am grateful for my abiity to "get it together" and get on with life.
I am grateful for not beating myself up because I am upset.
I am grateful for all the beautiful flowers and great veggies growing in my gardens.
I love my cat!
I appreciate my new red shirt and look great in it.

There, now I feel better and can move on with my day and get outside before it gets too hot to pull weeds.

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