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Wow - I'm On Hay House Radio

Man, am I ever excited.  I tuned into Hay House Radio today and started listening to medical intutive, Carol Ritberg doing a show on chronic inflammation.  Since I have ongoing issues with sciatic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis ad nauseum *grin*... I decided to call in.. Oh MI GODDESS!!  My call was answered.

I was the last one and almost hung up several times.  By the time my call was answered I had listened to the whole show and really already felt better, and like I undestood so much how inflammation is caused by stress.. anxiety etc.. all my issues LOL... 

any ways, I already felt healed and had a nice little chat with Carol who was really easy to talk to.. can't wait till they archive the show and I can hear myself.  I was sooo nervous.. so I no doubt was babbling.. LOL

I am grateful that I took a chance.

I am grateful I was able to overcome my shyness and actually talk on the radio.

I am grateful for this sunny day!

I am healing every day.

I feel good... like I knew that I should now... 

so good

so good....
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