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Introducing Ras Boots

Although  vowed I would not would not get a new kitty after my dear old Blanche went to the Rainbow Bridge here he is Ras Boots.  Not a very good picture but he really wasn't in the mood.  I adopted him from my brother and his wife who had found him, but already have way too many cats.  He is currently residing for the most part in my bedroom/bathroom, and slowly being introduced to the other animals.  He and Willie the dog are keeping their distance for now.  I think Willie is scared since Ras is bigger than he is :)

So, once again I have a furry companion who loves to sleep with me and cuddles nicely.  I am glad to have him, and he is happy to be here :)  by the first of next week I hope to try letting him outside as I he really wants to get out there, but I don't want him to run away, but know that he will enjoy the countryside.

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