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Here Comes the Sun

Wonderful, wonderful.. the sun is shining.  after days and days of cold rain the sunshine is welcome and inviting.  With expected temps of near 80 tomorrow the seeds I planted are just going to POP out of the ground and grow.

Had a great day yesterday which included a massage from the best massage therapist I have ever had.  Feel so good today!!

I am celebrating spontaneity.  Yesterday on a whim and a dream my daughter I planned a quickie trip to Illinois to see these really great "cave houses".  she would like to build one of these on the piece of land that we gave her last year.  We'll also get to do some stuff in Sprinfield IL with Anah and the motel has a swimming pool.  I am excited and so pleased to actually be able to do something on a moment's notice!!

Today husband and I are checking out new cars.. wow I might actually get to replace the old Jeep whose doors won't shut and is being consumed by rust.  I will miss her though as we have been many a mile together!!  And, while we're looking we get to eat out too!  Oh I am so very blessed :)

How great it is to sit here and look out the new windows in my bedroom and see the birds building their nests.. I love it!!

 This shows one of the windows and there is another right next to it.. looks like a painting hung on the wall I think... I love love love the way my bedroom looks now!!  truly grateful for the improvements in here.. I actually have closet doors now LOL

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