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Grateful Good Morning

How wonderful it is to get upin the morning and near the birds singing.  Makes a great way to start the day.  

I am extremely grateful that today I can almost bend over again.  LOL.. Nearly two weeks ago I fell off the back deck.  What a comical sight it was.  I was carrying a gallon of birdseed to put in the feeders when my knee "went out" and I and the birdseed went flying into the yard.  usually I can just get up and go on, but this time I must have landed on my hip and I have been in a great dealof pain and with much reduced mobility until the last couple of days.  I am grateful that given enough time and rest my body can repair itself easily.  And, today I can touch my toes. again..

I am grateful for the huge new windows in bedroom that allow me to see and hear all the birds that live in ancient cedar tree whose branches touch the house at this end.

I am pleased and excited that the painter is coming today to work on the hallway.

I am grateful that universe makes sure I have plenty of money to buy everything I need for the remodeled  bedroom and can't wait to see the purple quilt I ordered.. should be here today.. hooray!!

I am grateful for all the work my husband put into the bedroom makeover, and I can't say enough how pleased I am to be able to sit in here alone and meditate.

Wishing everyone a safe happy grateful day!!
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