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Bring Back Spring

I see that I haven't posted since April 3, and note that not posting relates to my state of mind which has been uneasy for some time now.

Though I am grateful for the money that it takes to do a remodel I have been forced out of my bedroom/bathroom for nearly four weeks now and not having my sanctuary has definitely taken a toll on my attitude.  

I've been sleeping in my granddaughter's twin bed, and also my computer is located in her room, not a comfortable situation for either of us.  Work might have gone more quickly had my husband not had surgery last week, and then I took a bad fall and have been  out of commission for nearly a week as well.

I was really quite excited by spring and had begun to work in the gardens when the weather turned to freezing and everything outside turned black and since then it has been rain, rain and on Saturday more snow.  Spring has gone away and taken with it my vitality.

I do feel better today and the shelves are in the closet and I am totally hopeful that I can at least put my clothes away instead of having them strung about over three or four rooms :)  

I am absolutely grateful for the breakthrough I am feeling, the added energy I can feel, and a better focus and grip on what really matters.

Guess I'd better get busy.
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