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Busy, busy, busy

gosh it has been a long time since I posted in here.. Spring is such a busy time and I don't get around to writing much.  We had a great few days of warm weather during which I planted lettuce and carrots.  Also, the spinach and lettuce I planted in the raised bed in February is now coming up.. and woo hoo... totally looking forward to the organic greens.

I've managed to get the front bank raked free of it's covering of leaves and am delighted at the number of daffodils coming up, and all the other things out there have survived in spite of the deep and enduring cold we had during the winter.

Currently I am removing everything from my bedroom.  We are doing a complete remodel in here, new window and taking the walls down to the studs.  OH mi!!  My computer is going to be relocated to the bathroom LOL...I'm always grateful for that bathroom :)

So while I'm getting everything ready to be moved I am also decluttering.  I have been ruthless with my clothes and have a huge box ready to donate.  Now what to do with the boxes of memorabilia stored under my bed is another question.  I started going through those boxes and find that I just can't throw away this stuff.  I am waiting for my daughter to get back from a business trip to New Orleans and hoping she will be interested in some of it.  Like, I've got my father's reding certificates from school, hospital bills from when I was born, my grade cards, lots of stuff that I inherited from my mom that I just don't know what do do with.  I don't have a basement so storage around here is scarce.  One thing I think is cool is my parent's ration books from WWII..

I already cleaned out my craft closet and gave away three boxes of craft items on freecycle.  I feel much lighter!!

I am grateful for the energy I have to do these tasks.
I am grateful for freecycle.
I am grateful that my husband is going to do the work.
I am grateful for the spring peepers (tree frogs) who song heralds the coming of spring.
I am grateful for seed and fertile earth.
I am grateful for sunny skies and warm breezes.
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