rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

I'm Definitely Losing What was Left of my Mind

I'm struggling with the implications of last week's BS, I haven't left the house in many weeks. It's cold. There is nowhere I want to go.

I have burned more food than I have managed to turn into something edible. I did manage an awesome roasted chicken on Sunday, now that I think about it.

I cast on a hat, but at this point it looks as if it might fit the new baby. Maybe I counted incorrectly.

I created a Vision Board focusing on health for 2021. Here's a picture, a crappy picture, but you get the gist of it right?

I'm restless, yet tired - uninspired, but starting projects that I abandon. . I have happy moments. But, there is always an edginess that I don't care for at all.

I been doing Reiki on myself every morning for a bit now and I will say that my pain is less. That's a plus!

I've already lost interest in exercising outside (too cold) and haven't been out in a while. Keep trying to get into some kind of inside movement regularly, but that has thus far been an epic fail. Have no real connection with time, am sleeping odd and disjointed hours. For someone who doesn't watch the news, I seem to have negatively impacted by all this urest. I am grateful that the sun came out today. It has been kind of murky dismal which doesn't help the mood.

That's probably enough rambling for today. I think I'll go put the 2019 photos into an album. And yes, I still do that. I tried to quit, but alas though a bit behind, here I am doing it again. Old habits are hard to break says my husband. He's often right.

Reading a Jo Nesbo novel and last watched a documentary on Nigeria. I thought a lot about how little I know about these other places, and how a crap day here could look like Paradise to someone else.

I hope you all are well and as at peace as possible.
Tags: insanity, jo nesbo, knitting, photos, reading, real pix

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