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11:11 - Pond Stroll - CBT- Online Squabbles WTF?? - Healthy

11:11 popping up quite often these day. Not being one to have unparalleled faith in portents and omens, still, it's good to think that "change gonna come."

The weather has remained dry and windless so I have taken to strolling down to the pond. Quite nice down there, very peaceful. The dog loves going for walks. Tis good to have a companion.

Taking an online coaching class that combines CBT Therapy (never tried by moi before) plus Buddhist philosophy (with which I am moderately familiar) and is also based in mindfulness meditation (which I've been practicing for many years). I am witnessing many positive changes in myself. I feel better. And, isn't that what we are all looking for? to feel better.

Was hanging with some Tarot readers over Instagram, but they got into a squabble of some sorts and I have backed away from that. "Aint' nobody got time for that." I must just be "simple" thinking that humans could co-exist in a kinder fashion online than they do up close and personal. Or, maybe I'm just a dreamer.

Health issues with which I have been dealing: The eyedrops I use for glaucoma has the lovely side effect of raising blood pressure. Remember back when I went to the ER with the 200/10? reading? Upshot of that is I got a bright new turquoise capsule in my pill box. Side effects constipation...ARGH...TMI?

Fortuitously enough, recently saw my darling ophthamologist who says it is now time for cataract surgery which can possibly mean that I will be able to cut down on the above mentioned eyedrops and in turn the bp will go back down. He prescribed a third drop for my right eye. I'm please that my consult is Dec 14. So many drops get confusin.

Or I could die in the meantime. For God's sake I could get the damned plague. :P

But until further notice, I'm right here sitting in my chair. Currently knitting discloths for holiday gifts, resing "The Reiki Sourcebook" and another of the Alexander McCall Smith series. Oh, and watched "Hillbilly Elegey" and found Glenn Close to be amazing in her role. I'd recommend it. While not my closest relative, the people in the flick are my people. My mother escaped the brutal life in Appalachia, married my father and came north.

Ok, time to flatiron my hair. the kids are coming over.
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