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Get Out the Vinyl + Daily Draw

Today the record player I ordered is scheduled to arrive. I hesitate to call it a stereo as it pales in comparison to the massive stereo equipment we had in the 70's. But, it has bluetooth capabilities, built in speakers, a CD player, and a radio. Next step is to access the many vinyl albums I have stored. Going to need help for that. Hopeful that a few of them will still play. Currently trying to figure out a good place to set it up.

A trip to the ER for me last night. All day my blood pressure had been high 200/113 at times and not matter how much meditation or EFT I applied, it didn't come down. Consulted with youngest daughter (one of the nurses) and she wanted me to go to the ER so I did. EKG - pefect...bloodwork- perfect. I was totally asymptomatic and in the end am certain it was stress induced. Will do a follow up with my doctor next week after monitoring my readings for a bit. Really the most fun I've had at a hospital every maybe. We were the only ones there, everyone was quite jolly and efficient. The doctor was adorable, 30ish; the phelobotomist was a hoot; and the nurse just arrived in Missouri from Louisiana.

Daily Draw: From "Moonology" Oracle deck

Mutable Moon..

The mutable moon is all about changes, and shows that whatever you are working on still has some wiggle room, time for change or needed alterations.

Staying adaptable is the key success when this card shows. It can also be a reminder to refocus and definitely to stick with it, no giving up. Keep on dreaming because there is still time.
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