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Saturday Sucked + Daily Draw

I started sneezing yesterday evening and continued with that throughtout the night. At some point my left eye started running as if I was heartbroken and this along with copious production of snot has gone on all day. Certainly, it's allergies. The wind has been fierce here and blowing up all kinds of stuff and I was outside quite a bit yesterday. And, it is only the left side (certainly something to be grateful for). Thus, today I have spent whining, moaning, and bitching, consuming Rooibos tea, elderberry juice and pills, probably not enough water and sleeping.

I'm certain to be better by tomorrow. After my nap, I started seeing improvement. Today I am grateful for the soups I had in the freezer. They came in very handy.

Daily Draw: The Hierophant

The author of "The Good Tarot," Colette Baron-Reid, describes this card in a manner very different from the traditional one. I offer her interpretation: "When this card appears, it reminds me to be comitted to a spiritual practice to ensure a conscious contact to my higher power. When I have a daily practice of prayer and meditation steeped in gratitude and committed to being a co-creator, life works out in wondrous ways. Rituals are in my highest good at this time. Exchanging vows is also highlighted.

I like this way of looking at the Heirophant and do think there is Truth in what is said.
Tags: allergies, hierophant, puny, tarot, tarot reader, the good tarot
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