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Definitely Tired + New Moon Reading

A busy day again now finds me weary but reasonably replete with accomplishments for another lovely fall day. Temps dropped to 34F last night so much of the garden is dead. We harvested sweet potatoes. First time for using bags for them and it turned out well, yielding long slender tubers, almost red in color.

Picked all the green tomatoes, and four not quite turned bell peppers on their way to being yellow. Tomatoes are sorted and I'm trying to decide if I want to make something from the smaller ones. Chow chow?

The basil perished, yet the parsley lives on. I failed to cut the chard so lost some of it. So it goes. Another fall, another time of "putting the garden to bed" and getting ready for winter.

Tonight we have a new moon in Libra. I am by no means an astrologer, but know enough to like to set intentions during the New Moon time, so I'll be doing that plus I did a New Moon Tarot Spread:

The positions in the spread are:

1) YOU - Where you are - 2 of Swords
2) A Message YOU need to hear - Princess of Cups
3) Action - What YOU need to do, how to approach this - 8 of Staves (Wands)
4) Guidance -Your North Star - 2 of Circles (Pentacles)

My Take:

While currently your are blocked and unable or unwilling to move forward, the hindrances lie solely in your mind.
By taking the love, kindness and healing offered by the Princess of Cups, you will be able to move forward quickly and passionately as indicated by the 8 of Staves. You have the ability to reach your goal of Balance and Stability says the 2 of Circles. Great! Things are looking up. October has been cruel, I expect November to be much kinder, especially since it's my birth month.
Tags: daily draw, intentions, newmoon, tarot, tarot reader
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