rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Colorful Compost + Daily Draw for The Collective

The colorful compost is testimony to the healthy lunch my partner and I put together today. We had Shrimp, Creole, garlic coleslaw, rice and cornbred with apple cake for dessert...YUM And, not only is it colorful, nestled by the lemon rinds is a great message from Yogi Teas, whose tea bag tags always make me feel good.

Today I did a draw asking what for information that would be beneficial for the Collective.

I drew the 7 of Sacred Circles (Pentacles) a card which smybolizes the abundance of harvest. It says you have planted the seeds now is time to watch them grow. The 7 is joined by Oonagh, a Celtic goddess from Doreen Virtue's "Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards." Oonagh reminds us that everything is unfolding according to the plan of the Universe. Even though we are often in a hurry to see results, patience is the key and taking it easy, the watchwords.

And, that's it from my little corner of creation.
Tags: collective reading, compost, cooking, oracles cards, tarot
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