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Going for a Ride + Daily Draw

So, no kids, no Sunday dinner to cook opens up free time and plans are to use that driving around and taking pictures of the gorgeous trees. Missouri has some the most spectacular fall views and there are a number of trees I visit every year just to see their fancy foliage.

Yesterday, got most of the oregano cut back before the charge ran out on the clippers and I pierced my toe with a good sized piece of wood. Once I went barefoot everywhere, but now I rarely go out without shoes because I seem to injure my feet often. Impuslively I went to do yard work barefooted and quickly remembered why I now wear shoes. Ah well, it is feeling much better today.

Reading today from The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle. This is a recent purchase (I bought it because the Magician card resembles my granddaughter). I do like the deck. It shuffles easily though the cards are a bit large for me. The images are mostly women and very diverse in nature. The design seems very Rider-Waitish, but that's ok by me. Kind of like the government is filled with old white men, Tarot decks have featured mostly white folks. That is now changing, and many of the newer decks are multicultural. Even though the other deck I used (Ancestral Path) was printed in 1995, it also has many diverse images-a bit ahead of the current trend.

Two of Swords: connected to the element of air and all things of the mind. This card indicates, emotional blockage, cutting oneself off, holding yourself back, avoiding the truth or being afraid to act.

Princess (Page) of Cups.. associate with Water and all it's attributes, tends to reveal information about the emotions. The Page (Princess) is noted for delivering messages. Cups are cards of love and other pleasant feelings.

This has already worked out in my life this morning. Woke up feeling "off", rather out of balance and not in a great way. Then had a text from my grandson with thanks for a box of books I passed on. And, much love came from both he and his partner who also contacted me. The love wiped out the emotional chaos that was holding me back from having a good time and I am now ready to go check out some trees.

Seek JOY!
Tags: 2ofswords, daily draw, fall color, gardening, love, princess of cups, tarot, wounded toe
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