rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

The Stationary Bike + Daily Draw

Seven years ago, my partner(the human formerly known as the husband) bought a stationary bike to add to his exercise equipment. It serves him when he can't get out to the park and walk. I had piddled around with it, but never got serious about it for long. Yet, knowing I need some type of exercise during the winter months, I am riding once again. Big difference in this experience since thanks to my friend, L's suggestion that I contact the place where it had been purchased, I eventually came upon the instructions on how to program the thing. Said partner told me he had searched for the owner's manual with no luck. Thus, I am quite smug about turning up the instructions and feeling good about 19 minutes "riding in the park" while reading a book. The preprogammed rides are great! Sometimes I can be a fan of tech.

And today's draw is from the Moonology Oracle deck by Yasmin Boland. This deck uses the phases of the moon to give advice and denote the energies of the day. My card is Full Moon in Sagittarus. Without even reading the advice this card feels good to me because of being born a Double Sag, yes both Sun and Moon. I love that it's red instantly vibing with the Fire element in Sag. And the message couldn't be better. Who doesn't need to move their perception away from their tiny little world out into the "Bigger Picture." I know I do.

Second card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, copyrighted 1978 and purchased about that time. It is my first and still favorite deck. I am always happy to see the Hermit arrive because it is my birth card and also resonates with my reslusive lifestyle, kind of gives me permissiion to stay hidden away. I love how The Hermit shines his light down illuminating the Full Moon. So some time meditating would be good for me today. A peaceful picture for a lovely day.
Tags: exercise, moon cycles, oracle, stationary bike riding, tarot, tarot readers
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