rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

A Bit of Tarot

I recently turned the guest bedroom into a meditation area and while doing that, went through the many boxes of Tarot decks I collected and had not looked at for 20 years or so. Having hooked up with a group of readers on Instagram, my interest in the cards is steadily growing and I am pulling daily cards and doing some readings again.

Before that ridiculous debate I pulled two cards:

The reversed Justice card is definitely a reminder of the recent passing of RBG showing that Justice has been suspended and it's powers on hold. The Knight of Cups in this deck could easily be construed to resemble "you know who." This card can often be connected to action in the area of Love, but also the Knight of Cups has a seriously smarmy and devious side as well.

The deck used is The Housewives Tarot, a kitschy little deck, but one that often gives me good readings such as the one above.

Also on the Tarot front is this image I love:

Today's daily draw is the Page of Fire from "The Good Tarot" indicating that today could give me a creative message and the energy to complete the news that the message offers. The LWB that comes with the deck offers Daily Affirmations so I'm going this one for my day ahead, "I am finding my purpose as I take the first step into something new."
Tags: daily draw, debate, rbg, tarot, tarot reader
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