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Another Sweet 16, Anah Got Crowned and Misc

Last Friday was Lainey's 16th birthday which she spent with her girl cousins at her house. Saturday they came here for the giant M & M cookie, I make her each year and some present opening.

Also during the time I've not been writing Anah was crowned Junior Attendant at the Courtwarming at her school. Of course she was beautiful.

My grandson's new wife and her mom quilted a top that I had started piecing in 1975. They did a beautiful job. The pattern is "Aunt Sukey's Choice." It was packed away for a very long time and somewhere circa 2010 I finished piecing it and started quilting it. Did not get far with the quilting and when Cindy volunteered to quilt it for me I was ecstatic. I would never have finished it.

The would have been like the dreaded egg apron. Here's a pic of my granddaughter in the one I bought for her. She she likes it just fine.

There were a couple of days when the snow had melted. I trudged around in the back yard for a while, was wonderful to feel the sun on me. And, I got out for lunch yesterday with daughter no. 2. My social life expanded briefly., Sad, our favorite small eatery is closing in two weeks. She has been there for 19 years. I will miss Patty's cooking for sure. She is getting married and I am most excited and happy for her. Besides, of all things she sold the buildings to the new Cannabis Dispensary, so at least I'll be in the building.

But, today it is snowing again, the kids got out of school early. They have missed a good many days because of snow and ice. I've grown quite slovenly and slothful being inside so much. Am thinking of cooking something simple soon.

Ack, the writing prompts haunt me:
5. What is your favorite room in your house? Easy, my bathroom.
6. Do you make your bed in the morning or leave it unmade? For many years I never failed to make my bed, early childhood programming going on. Now, I I feel like it I do, and if not it stays unmade.
7. Have your traced your family tree. YES, I have an extensive family tree on ancestry and have most lines back to the 17th century when they came to this country.
8. Do you have a green thumb? You betcha.
9. What made you smile this week? The happiness of my friend Patty.
10. Do you procrastinate, or do you like checking things off your list as fast as you can? A list? I supposed to have a list? LOL
11. Would rather swim in the ocean, lake or swimming pool? Pool
12. What is something you always take with you on vacation? My medications.
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