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Tripped Up, Qigong, More Snow

Yesterday I tripped as I was going down the step into my bathroom. I was able to save myself from god only knows what disaster if I had landed on the brick floor by grabbing the folding door. The door pinched my hand and my shoulder hit the wall, but I am ever so grateful I didn't go down. I was wearing pants that are too long and clogs both of which contributed to that adventure. My daughters chided me about not shortening my pants. I'd be more likely to just whack them off.

And not long ago I looked out the windows and what to my wandering eyes should appear but more snow. And fuck me, I didn't make it anywhere off the farm during the two previous clear days. Thus today officially marks two weeks of being here. I did get outside and slog around the yard. The moles have been crazily partying and leaving behind a fine mess. There are big limbs down everywhere. Yet, in the midst of all that I found the very early crocus peeking above the ground.

I catch a hint of the smell of Spring now and again. The husband reported a number of bluebirds battling it out for possession of one of the houses. A woodpecker knocked through the ice in the birdbath and had a good long drink. There are eight cardinals within in my visual range. Nature in all its forms is always the best movie.

I'm still doing the qigong though I notice I don't get to it first thing in the morning. I've become fascinated with language and upping my Spanish skills plus learning German and I have spent an inordinate of amount of time studying. I am using Duolingo which is ok, but they just keep throwing it at you with no explanation, no declining verbs etc, so not my style, but I was, of course, able to find the info I wanted on the fabulous internet and am now moving only more quickly with the German which was a challenge.

Doing a bit of sketching in a book I bought a few years ago that has a space for each day of the year and a prompt. Which reminds me, where did I put those writing prompts:

Way behind may have to take this in stages.

February 1, 2020: If you could have any zoo animal become the size of a puppy and have it as a pet, what animal would you choose and why? I don't like zoos, I have no desire for another pet and cannot wrap my brain around this concept.

February 2, 2020: Write about a memorable field trip from school. I'd be more likely to remember my kid's feld trip because as a homemaker I was always available to go on those trips. Yet, I think maybe there was a school field trip where we went to an Observatory about 25 miles away? Maybe?

Feb 3: Are there any misconceptions people have about you? I am quite sure there are, but you would have to ask them about that.

Feb 4: If you had a day where you were both unable to feel any pain and totally indestructible what would you do? I would dance and sing and party my ancient ass off. Although, I would prefer that there be a clause guaranteeing no ill effects from one's choice after all the super stuff disappears.

Well that went quickly. Time for me to do that Qigong. I am missing Jeffrey LOLO
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