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Clothes are Such Crap

Anah was selected as a candidate for Court Warming again this year, which meant a new dress. She and her mom went shopping and got this quite expensive little dress for a very nominal price. The dress was marked down because the sheer overlay was coming loose from the other fabric.

They brought the frock down on Sunday, and showed me a place that needed to be mended. A little too casually, I agreed to repair it. Oops! Even when I could see really well, I never liked sewing dark colors, black on black or navy on navy like the dress. It is so hard to see. Plus the more I fixed, the more places I found that needed to be fixed. Clothes are such crap these days, shabbily constructed, fabrics that frazzle if you look at them crossly, and they never hang right.

This doesn't mean that I intend to return to sewing. I do admire those of you who make your own clothes. I once made the whole family's clothes, except jeans. But, I can probably skate with the clothes I currently own until I migrate from this planet. One who rarely leaves homes does not wear most of their clothes. My machine sits idle, waiting till someone needs something mended or hemmed.

I'm still rather flummoxed by the crocheting bit. Though the lady who sold me the pattern was kind enough to share some videos of the steps. Maybe someday I'll get it, but that won't be today.

I've been making earrings for my youngest to take to Nigeria with her as gifts for the family she is visiting. That project has been fun.

I have also moved from Botswana to Denmark in my reading. I enjoy Jussi Adler-Olsen's, "Department Q" novels and am now reading "The Hanging Girl.
Should keep me busy in the book arena for a while since it is 504 pages long.

Why not knock out some writing prompts? #27. If you could do anything for work, what would you do? This question has no relevance in my life at this time nor really ever since I did work away from home much. But, if I were living this life over again, I would be a teacher.

28. Write about an accomplishment this month.

I have now been practicing Qigong every morning for three works. A big accomplishment for me not to miss a day because I am seriously random. I like the practice and it has done good things for me both emotionally and physically. I intend to make it a habit.

And, now it is time to relax and read and search for something to watch in the way of video. It is getting late for a nap, but it could happen any way. I definitely want to become supine.
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