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Waiting till it's time to fix lunch and listening to Cassandra Wilson sing Tupelo Honey, st
ill a great song and one that touches my heart.

Grateful that my mood improved because I started out the day being a real grumpy bitch, probably because I didn't sleep well. Which is no excuse, but sometimes it happens. I'm sure more often than the husband appreciates.

Today's sketch, another self portrait, one with which I am more pleased than the last. And, it fulfills my intent to draw every day.

Still lots of snow and cloudy skies. Husband finished another puzzle. He is getting really fast. I'd like to get out but he tells me the roads are so slick that I don't even want to look out there. LOL He should know since he went to town earlier. He probably just doesn't want to pull me out of a ditch somewhere. The roads in town are clear. The road grader came yesterday and graciously scraped off the snow down to the ice and made the road worse. Happens every year. I should be used to this, but am starting to get "cabin fever."

Writing prompt #26. What was your first job?

My mother managed the snack bar at the local bowling alley, and so I snuck in under the radar and when I was 15 (1961) I went to work there with her.

And, now my daughter has arrived to cook the rack of lamb and I think I need to go be of assistance. She needs 1/4 cup of fresh rosemary, now where did I put my clippers?
Tags: snow, sunday dinner, writing prompt
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