rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

I'd Like to Be Sleeping

But though a nap would be great, I haven't had much success with daytime sleeping of late. Though I often fall out at 4, then wake up and 6 and stay up till midnight. Weird sleep patterns, or possibly not weird for me as it seems to be becoming the norm.

Freezing rain and sleet are falling from above. We went to get some groceries and got back just as it was starting. So, plenty of food if we are stuck or don't want to get out. About 3 inches of snow predicted to top off the ice, but it is January in Missouri. I'm pleased it may be only 3 inches.

I've been trying to sketch, but still no joy in that department. That leaves me with the egg apron which is actually moving slowly forward. I really am not having fun making it, so not picking it up often enough. But, I'll get it done before Spring.

And in a sincere effort to stay somewhat abreast of these writing prompts, here are some more:

20. Have your views on love changed since you were a teenager. OMG I would certainly hope so. Over the course of four marriages and numerous lovers I hope I have learned something about what love might really be.

21. Who can you share comfortable silences with? Since my family is the group of people I most often see, they are my candidates. Except maybe for the youngest great grandchild, who wouldn't know a comfortable silence yet, I can be comfortable with any of them.

22. 3 places you want to visit where you live? Surely this is a mistake? or simply badly written? I could say, the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom. But, I suppose it means places within the state or area or even the country? Who knows? Who cares?

I'm going to get under a blanket and watch a movie if I can find one that will hold my attention. Perhaps if it is boring enough I actually might fall asleep.
Tags: ice, sleepy, snow, writing prompts
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