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Ice, Baby, Ice

The ice storm came and left its mark. Though I do appreciate sparkling landscape when the sun emerged; I do not like that a large limb broke part of the fence and landed on one of the lilac bushes.

Yesterday the husband ventured out as we had run out of milk and the road was a solid sheet of ice. The trusty rusty Jeep managed to make it off the gravel and the roads in town were mostly clear. Later the sun came out and now most of the ice is gone. I won't miss it.

During the time of Ice-solation I managed to totally reorganize and declutter the closet in the husband's office. All of my yarn is in boxes, sorted by weight and labeled. The challenging part was what to do with the toys. Some of them belonged to my youngest daughter. I allowed myself to keep one teddy bear that was made by my mother and one Care Bear (Grumpy) because he reminds me of Erin in her childhood. Next step is to check with granddaughter and see if she wants any of the castoffs and then donation time. Daughter no. 2 is coming today and she is going to check to see if she wants any of the games or toys. I just want it gone.

Slowly crocheting on the egg apron. Maybe I'll get faster soon. Got out my drawing supplies and hope to get started on some sketches tomorrow. Today is family food day, but keeping it simple. Husband bought an air fryer. I have not, thus far, been impressed with it's capabilities, but today will try some frozen french fries.

Watched some episodes of Wayward Pines which just kept getting weirder and weirder. Watching it on Hulu which I find to be the most difficult of all streaming apps to navigate. I can never get back to where I want to be. Will be asking for assistance from kids when they visit today.

Guess I'll do the writing prompts:

17. Can you accept people for who they are? Absolutely. The good, the bad, the ugly are who they are. I don't have to hang with those I don't enjoy, but accept them, sure.

18. Do you have non relatives you consider family? Of course I do. The young man my daughter semi adopted is as much a grandchild as my biological ones. Through the years I have taken in many folks and brought them into the family. We are all one after all, right?

19. Who knows you the best? I think that no one really knows me, but there are some who sure think they do. A couple of my daughters would swear they know my every thought, but they don't. The husband might know me best, but he wouldn't be able to articulate or act on that, it's just not in him.

It is 11 degrees F outside, so I'll not be going out again today. One more day of frigid weather, then a bit of a warm up. It is nice and warm inside and I've books to read, crocheting to do and a potential sketch in mind, so it's all good.
Tags: cold, crochet, ice storm
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