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Summer Sucks

2. What's your least favorite season?

This is an easy one. Summer, hands down, is my least favorite season. At the beginning it seems just fine, still a hint of coolness left over from spring, but by July when the temperatures and the humidity soar, I am in the house enjoying the A/C, but as surely trapped there as I am in the winter when it is cold.

At least in winter I can dress warmly and go out, but if I am not in the water in mid-summer, I tend to get to feeling sick. And, then there is the dry time when everything withers and turns brown, and I am watering the gardens just trying to keep them alive.

I do love to swim, and that makes summer at least tolerable. I catch a lot of grief from family who find it their favorite season, but even as a child I did not like summer.

On the family front, yesterday we celebrated the husband's 72nd birthday with lunch at a favorite restaurant and then a drive through the countryside. Loved seeing an old cabin where I lived for a short time, though it is now falling down. We didn't stop so no picture, but I am determined to get back there and get some shots as it will be perfect for a sketch. Youngest daughter and I shared memories of the old place where many interesting and exciting adventures occurred.

Qigong routine complete. Today marks the first time to go walking on the inside track at the local community college. Still feeling much better. I'm hoping this is a trend for 2020.
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