rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Yeah, Yeah I Never Post

Mostly I'm tired trying to get ready for Christmas. Big family, lots of gifts, too many decorations plus people coming and going wears me out.

But, I am feeling caught up which probably means I've forgotten something.

Enjoying the cheap mirrored Christmas balls I bought this year. They catch the light through the big windows and throw it around which is quite delightful.  Of course sunshine is required for that phenomenon; it is in short supply.

I am reading the latest of Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie series, "Big Sky." I rather expect this to be the last. Nine years have passed since she wrote one. They have certainly been entertaining. I am woefully behind on my goodreads goal *sigh* Perhaps I should read shorter books?

The cardboard house is nearly complete, but set aside to make room for holiday stuff.

Oh, and the husband and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, though actually we didn't go out to eat until Wednesday. No gifts were exchanged and few pleasantries. I never thought it would last this long.

And now, back to lying about.

Tags: anniversary, christmas, reading, tired
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