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Today I...

Awoke to gray skies and was thinking no walk; which found me a bit disappointed. I was wanting to walk down the road  and sketch the rotting garage.

Time was passed working on the cardboard house. I made progress on the rock tower and almost have the roof of that shingled. Can only work on it for about an hour before my back hurts .

The sun came out and my heart was uplifted, so I set out to sketch the aforementioned garage. Big thanks to duccio for suggesting I take my sketch pad on my walks. While working on my drawing, a young man drove up on a riding lawn mower and introduced himself. He thought maybe I was from the city. Nope live a couple of houses away from right here. He seemed to be a nice kid and is definitely making that area of the neighborhood look better. Next, the owner of the property on which I was standing came over to make sure everything was ok. Interesting guy, ex-Amish, lots of stories to tell about that way of life. Loved the conversations, but sketching was a bit scattered. I tried to get in the main lines and worked on shading and detail when I was back in my chair.

I have appreciated the 60 degree weather of today, the bright sunshine and leaves everywhere. It was a good day for dreams and memories and hopes.

My Tarot reading for today was interesting.

I leave it open to any interpretation. Certainly a lot of strong men combined with the lovable 3 of Cups.

Anah lettered in tennis... the first one in the family to do that.

Proud of her as always.

Tags: neighbors, sketching, tarot. anah, walking
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