rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Oh no, I Can See the Neighbors

The guys cleared and hauled away a lot of brush yesterday It is s clean slate now. But, I noticed this morning I can see the neighbors home over the top of the fence. This destroys my sense of living in a forest so am seeking a solution. Tall grasses along the fence is under discussion. New shades in the back bedroom absolutely.

The idea of a hottub is fading. Lots of $$ got something I am not sold on. But there will definitely be a deck. Gratefully there is no need to make any decisions till spring.

No one home but me and the critters today. Big Jay is moving about 3 hours away and the kids are helping. A first separation for he and Anah. Interesting to see how that goes.

I drew for a while.

And now back to my cozy nest on the couch to read. Cold and wet outside today. Yesterday's sunshine and kind words from LJ friends seem to have dispersed the dismal murkies for the moment. Whew.

Tags: hottub, privacy, rainyday, reading, sketch. drawing. depression
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