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The Gifts of Summer - Farewell and Thank You

The summer hung on past the usual dates, but even though the trees aren't turning much yet, it seems Autumn is coming for real. For real means a frost which will kill the garden and the annuals. So, I walked around and took some pics.

It is chilly out, so I didn't stay long. Might go back out later on if temps reach the predictions.

Yesterday, Trent and the husband moved in the rosemary and the jade,

both of which seemed to have grown to monstrous proportions

during the recent wet hot months. I potted up the last of the succulents to give to daughter no. 1, who has decided to become a plant person at last. Will deliver them to her this afternoon plus some of the late season tomatoes.

While it wasn't much of a summer for swimming, I did enjoy the lower temps. We had a lot of rain that helped with the watering chores, and a decent amount of garden produce. The rain seemed to create this immense upward growth of all the plants and it was and remains quite lush. The trees are happy. Not giving up many leaves yet. The squirrels are ecstatic to have so many nuts.

Today might be the day to pick all the green tomatoes and bring them in to ripen and rain is forecast right before the frost and seriously, I do not want to be out there in the rain picking tomatoes.

I made a really righteous pie from the pears off our tree plus some cranberries and a crumble topping. I have to brag on myself on this one. The British Baking folks would not grumble about a soggy bottom crust lol.

On October 6, (incidentially the 100th anniversary of my mother's birth) I remembered to change the month on the calendar. I told the kids I was trying to hold back time.

I am reading a couple of books, Caleb Carr's, "The Angel of Darkness." Did not realize he had written a sequel to "The Alienist" until I watched the show on TV. It is a 700 page book with tiny print, so it is going slowly. My other reading option is "The Life of Objects" by Susanna Moore set in Berlin in 1938. I'm barely into to it, but expect it go quickly when I read more.

The rue is beautiful.

The geraniums are blooming again, an unexpected gift.

And a sketch-

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