rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Chain Saw Massacre

As I've mentioned before I am working, though somewhat sporadically, to clear an area out front for a hot tub. I had come to the point where the giant clippers were not longer big enough.

Having bought my daughter a small recharagable chain saw for Christmas and having seen that she could handle it, I was fairly certain that I could use it as well. The girls were aghast at the idea, thinking I was going to chop off an arm or a leg. But, after all, what do they know?

I am here to report great success and much fun. In the way back used to help cut wood for the stove with a much bigger saw and even though this one is small, I had forgotten just how effort it takes to use one. However, I am quite pleased with the result and managed not to sever any body parts in the process.

So, one step closer to hot tub heaven. Just need one of the boys to help load the logs into the trailer because I just don't have the strenght for that any more.

At this rate, it may not take the projected two years I gave to this project. There is still the looming decision of whether or not to take down the old cedar tree. Unfortunately it is looking like it will have to come down, but I can already hear it screaming besides me screaming at how much it will cost to have it removed.

Tags: chain saw, hard work, hot tub, progress
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