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Once More To Denver

Late in getting this one written, but in my defense, it took me over a week to feel normal, or as normal as I can ever be.

This was the first time I had stayed in an Air B&B. The experience was delightful. We had the entire bottom floor of a home located in Central Denver. The house was amazing.
I spent most of my time lying on a chaise on the sun porch reading.

I was in love with the decor a mixture of mid-century modern with some antiques and some very very nice pieces of glassware I coveted. The kitchen was super modern. the back yard and garden were reminiscent of home and the patio and hot tub were amenities we enjoyed often. Definitely would stay there again. We were in walking distance of any number of great restaurants which was another plus.

The kids went hiking in the mountains. I used that time for myself and did some more reading and took a walk around the block. Got to know the homeowner and learned a lot about the house. Built in 1901 with the back bedrooms added in 1938, much of the interior is original right down to the parquet floors. I love to see a great piece of architecture which has been well kept and loved.

The concert was a mixed bag. Erin went over to wait in line 2 hrs so we could get a good seat. After we joined her, there was an excruciating wait in a line before we were released into the venue. Whoa, the natural amphitheater was actually a bowl in the earth and a bit too steep for my liking. Not the usual crowd for a reggae concert, quite waspy, in fact. We pitched our blanket on the hillside and settled in.

All of a sudden the entire crowd started bringing out picnic baskets and started eating. One group of women even had a short table, wine glasses and a lovely wine and cheese platter.

Never in all my years of concert going have I seen this happen. I would guess that it is a tradition there; probably folks buy season tickets for all Botanical Garden events. Just totally different from my previous experience. I was uncomfortable trying to sit on the hill because I kept sliding down so moved to the back of the crowd. I felt much better there.

Ziggy came on, but sounded pretty rough, having done a show in this same venue the night before. As time moved on his energy grew and the crowd responded with an amazing number of people my age and maybe even older up there dancing. Last song was "Would You Be Loved?" and I put heart and soul into that one so dancing dreams were fulfilled.

The trip home was uneventful, just the endless plains of Kansas going by.

I'd love to go back and take daughter no. 2 to stay in that Air B&B and do some actual sightseeing. Maybe in the autumn. I did, after all survive, even if it did take a week to resume life here.

Life here is much the same. All that rain has now become a drought as is so often case here. Currently picking green beans and have harvested a few tomatoes, but the garden on the whole is not flourishing. We are currently in a horrid heat wave and I am busy knitting dishcloths for my grandson's fiancee's bridal shower on Saturday.

And periodically looking online at chaise lounges. That one in Denver is difficult to forget.

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