rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

A Hairy Situation

Age has not done wonders for my hair. Once I had a great mane, but now it is thinning badly and the texture has changed as well. So, for fun, Erin and I went shopping bought some cheap fake hair to see what she could do braiding it into my hair using a weave technique.

It actually looked ok the first day and since she did an underhand braid the fake stuff didn't even show. Not so great after sleeping on it and the humidity had it all fuzzed up so I took it down. Loved the way it looked right after unbraiding. It was all kinky, but that lasted about an hour and then it was a giant fuzz ball.

We had fun doing it, lots of laughs and may try something different at another time. The fake stuff was cheap, no way was I going to invest in human hair for any number of reasons.

After going into the "hair store" I did give some thought to shaving my head and wearing wigs when I leave the house. They have some amazing wigs these days.

Tags: braids, fake hair, weave
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