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A Short Rant - Mandolins are Sharp and Hating on Refrigerator Designers

Two days ago I took significant piece of meat out of my index finger while using the mandolin. Amazingly it has taken a long time for this to happen, considering that with sharp objects I usually take a hit. So, the finger is sore. My daughter, the nurse, brings me this Skin Shield to put on it for protection and OMG, thank goodness, the pain only lasted a while, it really hurt, a hint: first ingredient - acetone. They use this on surgical incisions, I cannot imagine. But, it works. No pain, no gain?

So the finger has got me all riled up to start off with and I go to the fridge to open a container of olives. Never opened before, but the olives are dried up and molded and all of the brine is gone to the bottom of the fridge.

Made the discovery last night, left the clean up till this morning. I haven't had this fridge for very long and have not had a major spill. This is not the first refrigerator I have found difficult to clean, but is perhaps the worst. The crisper drawers slide on these plastic rails that are screwed to the bottom and there is this teeny space between them and the bottom of appliance. Who designs these things? Obviously they are not someone who has to clean them. So I donned a rubber glove for my injured right hand and got the job done, all the while cursing the designer of the particular model I now own.

And that being said, I have to focus on cooking some Mexican chicken in the crock pot as the grandchildren are coming to eat later.

I am very grateful to look out and see sunshine today as we have had a lot of rain with near winter temps and I haven't been outside. I don't even care if it is cold and muddy I'm getting out there today and soak up some sun, plus it is asparagus cutting day.

I am also grateful to have taken those pics of the peonies looking so good. The rain, as is often the way of Spring, has beaten them down and they are looking sad indeed.

Happy Wednesday...
Tags: cooking for grandkids, hurt my finger, kitchen wounds, peonies, rant, refrigerator, spring
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